Vietnamese Case Law – Analysis and Commentaries | Book II – from Precedent No. 44 to Precedent No. 70

  • 2024
  • Vietnamese


Building upon the success of the first edition, published in 2020 and subsequently enhanced in 2021 with additional cases, this second volume analyzes 26 new key precedents, ranging from Precedent No. 44 to the most recent, Precedent No. 70.

The precedents were carefully selected by the People’s Supreme Court of Vietnam and must be followed by lower courts in resolving cases involving similar circumstances. A lower court relying on a precedent must identify the principle it is applying. Alternatively, if a lower court declines to apply a precedent, it must explain the reason for doing so.

Leveraging his 30 years of experience in Vietnamese dispute resolution, Dr. Luu Tien Dzung, co-chair of YKVN’s litigation practice, provides insightful commentary on each new precedent in “Vietnamese Case Law: Analysis and Commentaries – Book II” published by the Justice Publishing House.

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