Contract Law – Fundamental Legal Issues (2020)

  • 2020
  • Vietnamese


Authored by YKVN Managing Partner Truong Nhat Quang, “Contract Law – Fundamental Legal Issues” leverages on Quang’s unique deal experience over the past 25 year in Vietnam.

This 900-page publication aims to bring legal practitioners theoretical and practical resources to help them conduct transactions in Vietnam.

This is the first and unique book in the Vietnamese language that provides insights on all aspects of contract laws in Vietnam focusing on cross-border financing and M&A agreements.

The book analyzes issues related to (i) contracting; (ii) contract validity; (iii) contract content; (iv) breach of contract and remedies; (v) waivers; (vi) transfer of rights and obligations; (vii) the third party’s rights in the contract for the benefit of the third party; and (viii) principle of choosing governing law and contractual dispute settlement body.

This is the only book that presents issues related to contract law both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. In addition to analyzing the provisions of legal documents, the book also analyzes precedents and judgments.

This is a book that practicing lawyers may refer to when providing legal advice in commercial transactions with foreign elements.

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